TP-Link Smart Plug

TP-Link Smart Plug & Smart Switch

I have nearly a dozen of these in my house controlling everything from ceiling fans, lights, holiday decorations, custom projects and aquarium lights!

The TP-Link Mini WiFi Smart Plugs are great as you can plug them into a standard outlet without blocking the other one. The older style would obstruct part of the other outlet which made it impossible to plug two of them into the same outlet or anything beside a small power cord. This new compact design doesn’t obstruct the other other outlet and you can even plug two into the same outlet without issue!

We have the TP-Link HS200 Switch controlling our ceiling fan which is nice since the ceiling fan is hardwired and unable to plug into one of the smart plugs. 

The TP-Link plugs don’t need an additional hub, they simply connect to your existing WiFi hardware in a few easy steps. It is also very easy to link up with an Echo and enable voice control. I simple tell Alexa “Turn on the ceiling fan” and it whirls into action! 

I also really love the timer functions. Within the TP-Link app “Kasa” you can setup timers for each plug. They have convenient sunset and sunrise items but of course you can simply set a specific time as well. 

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